Mr. Tashi Norbu, Contemporary Art Studio 9Pillars
Pakhuis Het Bassein
Pakhuisplein 41
1531 MZ Wormer ( directions *)

Tel.: 00 31 (0)6 43 119 269
Email: Tashi Norbu

directions *: In Wormer(veer), follow signs of P/Casino Batavia ( located at Bruynvisweg).

This parking place is at the backside of the actual storage house Het Bassein.
(The front is at Veerdijk, at the river Zaan; the back-entrance at Bruynvisweg).
After entering this casino Parking area (Pakhuisplein), please follow it to the right and park at
the far right hand side corner.

You will there see the white stairs with Tibetan prayer flags, leading to the 1st floor(UK) (2nd floor US - 1e verdieping NL) where the studio is.

GPS- address: P/ Casino Batavia or Bruynvisweg-Veerdijk, 1531 MS, Wormer