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17. MARCH 2016



I’ve observed Tashi’s work and looking at each canvas is a delight… not just because of the strong visual compositions and the wonderful sights and sounds that are a reminiscence of Tibetian traditional art and bring life to the viewer’s mindscape but the sheer, raw energy of the spirit of the contemporary and a beautiful weave where the traditional and today’s voice merge to create an exciting new language which is timeless and discovers the intricacies of the human spirit.

Amrita Varma Curator/ Critic/Advisor
Co- Founder, The Egg Art Studio



The Egg Art Studio

An incubator to mentor and nurture emerging artists and collectors alike

 New Delhi, April 2016: The Egg Art Studio, a one of a kind art gallery to promote significant young and upcoming artists from the Indian subcontinent and across the world, is the latest addition to the art scene in the Capital a new gallery concept that is designed to bring the wonder back into art for cultural consumers.
The Egg Art Studio offers a complete experience of appraised national and international art, where each work within the gallery is evaluated for both its aesthetic and commercial potential. The Egg, as the name suggests, acts as an incubator where emerging artists are mentored and nurtured to their full potential, and their works are developed and curated in a way in which they may eventually be exhibited in museums worldwide.
The Egg aims to create a dialogue between those who know and those who don’t know about art, specifically making it more accessible and engaging. The organization behind the new initiative is implementing a number of important practices to ensure that the best possible experience and engagement can take place between visitors and buyers, working on the premise that art as investment has a larger gestation period than simply buying an artwork on the spur of the moment because the artist is in vogue at that time.
An extension of this philosophy is the incorporation of educational initiatives and research into the art, including creative visualisation w orkshops on the finer points of collecting, as well as specialist workshops for children, instilling a passion and interest in the arts from an early age. The dynamic exhibition space on Barakhamba Road will also play host to alternative art forms such as wall art, and cultural initiatives such as book launches and performances.
The first public exhibition at The Egg Art Studio, titled G enesis: The Veil , is made up of two distinct visual elements. The first is a display of artworks from the island nation of Maldives, allowing the viewer to delve into the history and stories surrounding the islands. This will also explore how geography, trade and history can change and influence visual expression and concepts. T he second part of the show balances this specific cultural expose with a broader, but carefully curated, array of Indian and international artists as well as tribal artists from the country.
The studio lays great emphasis on subcontinental exposure, highlighting artists who have created significant works in their respective countries but haven’t yet received due recognition. That said, s ome of the artists at the inaugural exhibition have been recognized by UNESCO and a number of other international bodies for their work. T he artists have been carefully chosen through personal visits to their studios and a close observation of their practice, with specific works selected based on their ability to convey the relevant historical and cultural trajectories of that artist.

The selected artists exhibiting in Genesis:
The Veil include Anoop Kamath (New Delhi), Atul Bakshi (New Delhi), Fanil Pandya (Baroda), Hojat Amani (Iran), Ketan Amin ( Baroda), Manoj Dwivedi (Madhya Pradesh), Natalya Natasha Marinenko (UkraineGoa), Ritu Kamath (New Delhi), Nikhel Mahajan (New Delhi), Rajiv Kumar (New Delhi), Raj Lalwani (Mumbai), Saurabh Narang (New Delhi) Shafi Quraishy (KeralaDubai), Shampa Sircar Das (New Delhi), Shijo Jacob (Kerala), Tashi Norbu (Belgium), Ushmita Sahu (Shanti Niketan) Venugopal VG (Bengaluru), Vipul Prajapati (Ahmedabad), Yogesh Mahida (Baroda).


Amrita Varma, CoFounder, The Egg Art Studio, says, " I am very excited to play a part in the creation of a longcherished dream, creating a space that radiates the energy of what it feels like to discover the joy of absolute submersion in art, like we did as children when the first set of crayons were given to us! As in life, art must push boundaries for growth. And as I believe art is a work in progress, I hope The Egg, through its workshops and mentorship, succeeds in guiding an artist's journey to his or her full potential of expression.
Being passionate about what we are doing, evaluated art will always be our central guiding force”.

Tavleen Akoi,CoFounder, The Egg Art Studio commented, "My early wonderment with art began with an introduction to my great grand aunt Amrita Shergill. Her passion, aesthetic and daring was inspiring. I have always hoped Delhi had a unique space where an untrained eye, like mine, can organically explore this passion, the love of art and personal choices. Good curation should help to bridge any gap between the art and the medium used to express it, to personalize it in a way that allows the viewer to revel in the art displayed. That is what I hope The Egg Art Studio is able to achieve”.

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