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20. NOVEMBER 2015




2015 / 2016



News and thanks to my supporters and followers

First of all I would like to thank everyone who were such a support for me through my journey to new possibilities in my artwork. Many of you are - for many years already - loyal visitors to my exhibitions and many of you have bought art from me . You made it possible to get more exposure, not only for my own art, but also for the Tibetan contemporary art in general and for other Tibetan artists. From the beginning I always wanted and tried to unite Tibetan buddhism and contemporary art. However, for many years I felt "afraid“ that those two worlds wouldn't go together very well-while I wanted to be taken serious as a contemporary artist but as a buddhist too. My visitors and friends showed me that my fear was in fact a preoccupation of myself.

So, ….. thank you for showing me that my fears were unnecessary because you believed in me and showed trust in me.

Nowadays, I have exhibitions with fellow Tibetan artists in galleries and museums worldwide. My work was shown in the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam, the Volkenkundig Museum in Leiden. I had a group-show at Rossi & Rossi Gallery in London and in several leading Tibetan group-shows in Europe, America and Asia. Soon, I will take part in a group exhibition in Mumbai and I will get a solo show in New Delhi.
Next spring my artworks will be presented during the Asia Week in New York, and there will be a show in Chicago and in France.

In 2009 and 2015, I organized Tibet Art Now in Amsterdam, which has been rather important to introduce contemporary Tibetan Art in The Netherlands and to attract the attention of a bigger - and partly new - public. All important and big steps in my life as an artist. I'm doing rather well at this moment as a contemporary artist, thanks to you.

However despite all these international adventures, I don't want to forget or neglect those people who made it possible for me to make these steps. I have learned to see all those little shows in churches, community centers and small and big festivals as a journey. A journey that gave me the opportunity to meet very nice people, sincerely interested in my art and with comparable interests in what is important for me in my life. In fact, those little shows and all that traveling through The Netherlands and Belgium were - and are - the most interesting and best times in my artist life.

Although a day has - regrettable - just 24 hours, I sure don't want to give up completely this part of my life. I cannot do everything anymore because of my international activities, which takes a lot of time. That means that I need to find a way to organize everything in a different way to prevent losing something that is very valuable and dear to me.

I thank the public that brought me where I am now and I don't want to forget this aspect, and I still am proud to be connected. I want to stay in touch by participating and traveling.

I will keep you informed.

Thanks again,







NEW YORK - Asia Week
New Delhi
Antwerp Brasschaat
Pau - France


Tibetan Contemporary Art Residence - AIM AND VISION

We take the next step to the tibetan art and related artistic disciplines, such as poets and writers etc. There wil be changes in the near future. 9 Pillars Art Studio will move in 2016 to the south of the Netherlands to work on the future and we will continue our artistic activities. We will create the first global and ultimate tibetan contemporary artists residence. To retreat in this beautiful and peaceful environment of the farmhouse with creating artworks that would inspire oneself and the world. We are expecting that tibetan artists could find their goal. It will be a melting pot of artistic research, experimenting in different medium of art and production of art. Internationally active tibetan artists, teachers and professors from different disciplines will be invited. Hopefully other theoreticians advisors visits, involvement seminars, discussions, lectures and presentations will be hosted and held. People from continents, cultures and generations, variety of views, reflecting on diversity of contemporary art practice. Hence, exchange of knowledge and meeting place for tibetan and non tibetan artists is our vision. We aim to create a space of tibetan impression. You are welcome to feel at home and witness yourself the tibetan artwork, lifestyle in the art café and also tasting tibetan delights.

see: facebook link

'Arts and Spirituality'
 Tashi Norbu a Tibetan artist and his cooperation.

Some Art comforts the disturbed Mind and some disturbs the comfort mind.
One soothes relaxes and other wakes up with curiosity….
Some art just exposed on your wall and constantly becomes a reminder of something.
Some becomes an inspiration to ones life. Is a total expression through silence, while respecting the space, find silence within silence.
The relationship between Arts and Spirituality is quiet similar.
Especially in Tibetan Buddhism.
Many of spiritual related things are in the form of ART.
Only through ART, spiritual and spirituality can be expressed.
Art can be the rituals of spirituality for beings to wake up.
Because Art can speak the language of our mundane life.
Why, how, and where we tangle and suffer…
When you gaze, it oozes the minds of the artist as well.
Just from one glance, it can wake you up intensively.
Many tibetan Buddhism been expressed in ART,or else can’t find enough around to express in words. !

One of our major art project 'TIBET ART NOW' aims to contribute to recognition of the contemporary art of Tibet in a totally positive way. It wants to add a genuine contribution to the development of the culture of Tibet for Tibetan artists outside Tibet as well as inside Tibet. The exhibition shows the art that bridges the ancient art of Tibet with the new artistic imagery of Tibet's new generations of artists. The vision is to offer viewers a stepping stone to a possible future development of the culture and the art of the Tibetan people. If profit arises from this exhibition it will be donated to the initiation of an educational art project in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, in the near future, in which artists from inside and outside Tibet can work together.

 'TIBET ART NOW' fully agrees with H.H. the Dalai Lama when he states in the book 'His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet talks to Louwrien Wijers': 'In order to develop a certain inner progress the artist's thing is very much influential and helpful. The artists with their art have a powerful means to give a message. The task of the artist is of crucial importance in society, particularly to strive for a less aggressive, more peaceful, more gentle humanity. Art is especially helpful for those people whose minds are always being directed outward, because with this art they need to turn themselves inward.




Asia Week New York

BRIDGING REALMS: Contemporary Tibetan Art
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, March 11th, 2016, 6-8pm
(Show duration: March 11th-May 10th, 2016) Tibet House NY

This exhibit presents contemporary works connected by Tibetan cultural and philosophical thought embracing contradiction and reconciling polarities. Through paintings, mixed media and photography, the artists rely on provocative and paradoxical aspects of Madhyamaka Buddhist philosophy and the ideal of the “middle way between extremes.” The works presented aim to connect the apparently disparate realms of the visible and the imaginary, the spiritual and the mundane and express the artists’ sense of irony--both peaceful and tragic--as well as the Tibetan’s competing views of the self.
Among these artists are Tashi Norbu, Gonkar Gyatso, Losang Gyatso, Ang Tshering Sherpa, Sonam Dolma, Karma Phuntsok, Tara Lobsang, Tenzin Phuntsok, Tashi Lodoe, Rima Fujita, Peter Makela, Passang Topgay, Tashi Wangchuk, Tenzin Ngawang, Hector Marcel and Gina de la Chesnaye, Ngawang Jorden, Tashi Wangchuk and Sarah Rose .


Hunsel - South of Holland Border to three countries Tibetan Contemporary Art Residence

OPENING Saturday, January 9th 2 pm - 3 pm (open till 5 pm) and Sunday 10th 2016

9 Pillars Art Studio will move in 2016 to the south of the Netherlands to work on the future and we will continue our artistic activities. We will create the first global and ultimate tibetan contemporary artists residence.To retreat in this beautiful and peaceful environment of the farmhouse with creating artworks that would inspire oneself and the world.

For this special longterm project we are looking for people who share our vision and would like to invest - or crowd fund us - in our aims and believes. Please, support our Tibet House Holland Foundation by donating, use the link below:


New Delhi Art Show info
March 2016

At the invitation of Art Curator Amrita Varma , Tashi Norbu is participating with several works for a group show in India New Delhi in the month of march 2016. The Egg Art Studio, 23 Barakhamba Road,New Delhi


Chicago ARTSPACE 8
May 2016

we will be showing our tibetan contemporary artworks in a Gallery ARTSPACE 8, a new 14,000 square feet specializing in fine art contemporary paintings, prints, sculpture, and works on paper from both established and emerging artists from Chicago and abroad. Situated in the 900 North Michigan Shops on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, ARTSPACE 8 takes a democratic approach to its affluent surroundings engaging collectors and the masses alike through curated exhibitions and events.


Zwolle - The Netherland Tibetaanse Boeddha, Mixed Media technieken

Workshop on 28 november 2015, 10.00-16.00u. € 119,-

Nieuwe workshop van de bekende kunstenaar en Tibetaan: Tashi Norbu !!! We zullen werken met acrylverf op een groot canvas. Tashi zal originele pagina’s meenemen uit Tibetaanse geschriften.

facebook link


Antwerp Brasschaat - Belgium
Tibetaanse kunst in Vlaanderen - SACRED ART

Opening Vrijdag 18 dec 2015 om 19h / Expo 19 -20 dec van 10h - 19h

Met Tibetaans kunstenaar Tashi Norbu & enkele andere Tibetaanse kunstenaars, Patricia Queritet, oprichtster van Soul-Art, Kunst door en Voor de Ziel.


BYE BYE BOS: De BOS neemt afscheid

Alles verandert. Alles is vergankelijk. Eind dit jaar houdt de BOS op te bestaan als zelfstandige omroep. Wij zijn trots op wat wij in de afgelopen vijftien jaar hebben bereikt en willen iedereen die ons daarbij heeft geholpen bedanken en uitzwaaien. Daarom nodigen wij vrienden, medewerkers en oud-medewerkers uit op zaterdag 12 december voor een bruisend afscheid.

Let op: Dit evenement is alleen voor genodigden.
Vrienden van de BOS en andere genodigden hebben een uitnodiging met wachtwoord in de brievenbus gekregen.

Lees hier meer over BYE BYE BOS op 12 december en meld u aan



Pau - France

Tibetan contemporary Art : Tashi Norbu along with Tibetan artists combination to Artists from southern France and Spain.
Chapelle de la vérance, 3 rue Gontaut de Biron, 64000 PAU. France May 2016 - organized by one of the most successful NGO France.

here there is some experience from the last exposition: For Westerners, the Tibetan art often boils down to the mandalas. But there is a contemporary tibetan art and one of the figures is Tashi Norbu. The painter, is in the spotlight at the chapel of the Perseverance in Pau with "Moving a mountain," exposure to discover them until September 6, before the departure of the artist for the Venice Biennale.

Contact person Madame CAMPET Denise Puntsok Dolma  



Hunsel monthly based activities wil announced on the website
coming up in 2016



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