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Be the flower, not the bee


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Supporters,

It is with pleasure to announce that the Sculpture of URBAN BUDDHA “Be the Flower Not the Bee” 15ft is happily installed at the corner of Michigan Ave. and Roosevelt Rd., at Grand Park/Skate Park, Chicago. This piece of Art is a spiritual manifestation in the spheres of spiritual interchange of resonance between people. It represents the communication with the Universe sending a message of awareness about environmental issues on Earth as well as a message of spiritual awakening derived by Nature.

Please support our efforts for the maintenance and conservation of the Sculpture, through your kind donation. Any donation will be highly appreciated due to enormous expenses to prolong the Sculpture exposure at the Grand Park. Your generosity will be a way to participating in keeping our message to the world alive!

We are pleased to reward you upon your kind donation of $5, $10, $50, $100, $150, $250, $500 &

  • $1000, with the following prizes:

  • $5 : 2 post cards Tashi Norbu Art.

  • $10: a 8"x10 " inches Tashi Norbu Poster "Urban Buddha".

  • $50: a 16"x20" inches Tashi Norbu Artprint "Urban Buddha" .

  • $100: a "20x30" inches A signed Tashi Norbu ArtPrint "Urban Buddha"

  • $250: a "20x30 " inches a signed Tashi Norbu ArtPrint Painting of your preference.

  • $500: a 20"x30" -discount coupon- for purchasing a Tashi Norbu Painting.

  • $1000: a 20"x30" -discount coupon- for purchasing a Tashi Norbu smaller scale of Sculpture "Urban Buddha" for indoors and outdoors exposure.

Methods of Payment: by deposit into the account
Tashi Norbu Fifth third Bank - 7978946981, Routing number - 063109935
or by wire transfer - 042000314
by PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card.




Urban Buddha: Be the flower, not the bee.

2016 - Reclaimed/Repurposed Treated Lumber - 10' x 12' x 14’ Courtesy of the Grant Park Conservancy/Advisory Council; the Artist; North Branch Management, Chicago; Relise Depot, Maywood

The reclaimed wood used to create this sculpture sends a message to viewers about harmful environmental issues such as deforestation, palm oil production, and global warming happening in the artist’s home country of Tibet and around the world. The artwork was created collaboratively by local and international artists, symbolizing nations coming together to work towards a better future.

“There is no better teacher than nature itself. We can learn everything from nature and its creation.” -Tashi Norbu,

A collaboration among the Chicago Park District, the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, and the Grant Park Conservancy/Advisory Council



Be the flower, not the bee

Tibetan contemporary artist Tashi Norbu's 'Urban Buddha' 15 ft sculpture in Grant Park Chicago .
"Visual communication and image representation, with emphasis on Artistic culture of Tibet across the globe".