Previous Exhibitions :


  • March 11 - May 10, 2016: Asia Week NY BRIDGING REALMS Contemporary Tibetan Art

  • New Delhi Art Show info March 2016


  • Zwolle - The Netherland Tibetaanse Boeddha, Mixed Media technieken Workshop on 28 november

  • 19/20 December Antwerp Brasschaat - Belgium Tibetaanse kunst in Vlaanderen - SACRED ART


  • Exhibition Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde, Leiden, The Netherlands

  • Exhibition Tibet House U.S., New York, U.S.A.


  • B12 Contemporary Art Gallery Museum, Ibiza, Spain



  • Art Zaanstad, Art Fair Zaandam, the Netherlands

  • International Art Fair, Groningen, the Netherlands

  • Happinez Festival, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Solo exhibition.


  • Exhibition in shop of Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  • Multi-media Festival Weitsicht in Darmstadt, Germany. Solo exhibition.

  • Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India
    Building a large iron Buddha statue (welded iron rods, aluminum sheets and iron threads) of 5 x 6 m.
    This Buddha is now permanently installed on the crossroad to Secretariat Patna, the capital of Bihar State.
    The statue belongs to the collection of Bihar State and the Gandhi Museum.


  • Tibet Art Now: ‘On the threshold of a new future’
    Group exhibitions in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2008 - 2010

  • Tibet Art Movement, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • Several solo exhibitions and group exhibitions.



  • Tibetan Art Tour’, travelling art exhibition

  • Solo-exhibitions in Antwerp, Brussels, Kortrijk, Ghent and several small villages in Belgium

  • Solo exhibition in the Museum of Peace during Festival ‘Ten Vrede’ in Diksmuiden, Belgium

  • Haus Beda (museum and center of culture), Bitburg, Germany Solo-exhibition.

  • Free Tibet Festival ‘Léz’arts Scénique’, France Solo exhibition

2005 - 2009

  • Huis van Alijn (Museum of Folk Art), Ghent, Belgium

  • Solo exhibitions ‘Himalayan Spirit’

  • Contemporary Tibet Atelier/Gallery, Ghent, Belgium solo- and group exhibitions

  • ‘Ticket for Tibet’ Festival, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    Solo exhibition Tibetan art and spatial design
    Billboard paintings 12 x 6 meters‘