1999   Guy Brooking-Humphreys, ‘Tashi The Tibetan’
Book for children, based on the childhood of Tashi Norbu
Paljor Publications, India; commissioned by the Tibetan Government in excile

2007   Happinez Magazine, The Netherlands
Article about Tashi Norbu and his art
Happinez Magazine online
Short documentary:


Ticket for Tibet
Short documentary:

Synagoge Weesp online
Photo impression solo exhibition:


Tibet Art Now online
Interview by Simonetta Ronconi

Tibet Art Now online
Photo impression


2011   Asia News letter No 4/2011, online and offline en .pdf


Happinez Magazine, online and offline
Article about Tashi Norbu, his art and his activities

From 2004 short articles and announcements appeared in local and national newspapers, magazines and blogs, offline as well as online.